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“I went from a size 16 down to a size 4 and I feel like a million bucks!”



5 Months Later


How did you hear about this program?
I was at the boat show and Integrated Wellness had a booth setup. They spotted me and told me they could help with my weight and back spasms.

Why did you choose to start this program?
They claimed to have fast results and that it worked well for men and women. I felt that I’d be able to do it and it’d go well.

How much weight and inches have you lost on this program?

I have lost 87 pounds in about 6 months.

What other diets or weight loss programs have you done and why does this program stand out to you?

I have done the Dr. Eades Diet twice. With this program, the weight seemed to come off easier. I was able to follow the plan without hunger and fatigue. I had more energy and felt better on this program than with regular eating.

What health benefits have you noticed since starting this program?

I feel much better. I have less aches and pains and feel more rested after sleep. My endurance has gone crazy and goes all day. I haven’t had this much energy since I was a kid. I feel strong, healthy, and happy!

How has our coaching helped you?

The coaching has made an enormous difference with this diet. I didn’t understand how much I didn’t know about dieting. The coaching has made all the difference. My coach is one of the most dedicated people on the planet. She has had a profound impact on my success and quality of life.

Would you recommend Integrated Wellness to others?

Yes! The weight loss program has been a very good and pleasant experience. They have helped give me the skills and treasures of wisdom to excel in life.



Sheldon lost 58 pounds in 16 weeks.*

” I was a Physical Therapy patient at Synergy Medical Centers when I started the weight loss program. I had high blood pressure and could only walk 5 minutes without getting fatigued. After 4 months on the program I have lost 58lbs. I can walk for 60+ minutes now and my blood pressure has greatly improved. I now have more energy and the motivation to keep the weight off. I love the way I feel…”

Nick M. lost 18 pounds in two weeks.*

“I had tried diet and exercise on my own with very little results. I thought I knew exactly what to do on my own. I was very skeptical about medical weight loss. A friend had referred me to Synergy Medical Centers. From the moment I walked in the door I knew that this was the right choice. For the first time weight loss became easy. I just finished my second week and I have already lost 18 pounds. I am thrilled with my results and know I will accomplish my goal weight soon.”

Marilyn J. lost 23.3 pounds in 11 days.*

“Doctors and staff are very helpful with the weight loss process. I have a lot more energy!”

Tammy A. lost 22.6 pounds in 11 weeks.*

“It works; It really works! I’ve gone from a size 22 to 16 in 11 weeks!”

Jaqueline T. lost 20 pounds in six weeks.*

“After trying so many other things, this has been the solution for me.”

Donna R. lost 126 pounds in 9 months.*

“Hi, I’m Donna and 9 months ago I was extremely overweight, had no energy, and no interest in any activity other than getting through the work day and going home to sit in from of the TV and eat. Then, one day I saw a co-worker whom I had not seen in several months and she had lost weight and looked great. She referred me to Synergy Weight Loss. I have successfully lost 126 pounds and went from a size 28-30 pant size to a size 16. With the help of hCG hormone therapy and appetite suppressant I have changed my eating habits and life style with ease. I am more energetic, confident, and motivated. I also look forward to exercising daily and with less joint pain. The entire staff at Synergy is friendly, helpful, encouraging, and supportive. I highly recommend Synergy Weight Loss, I am proof it works.”

Derek C. lost 41 pounds in 4 months.*

“I heard about this amazing weight loss program (Synergy Medical Weight Loss) from a friend at work. He told me that he had lost over 40lbs with the help of the program. I thought to myself, this is a fad; he will gain this weight back in no time. After a while, he was still keeping the weight off, which caused me to believe there must be something to this. You see, I have a sister who needed to lose a great deal of weight to improve her health. She tried everything, but could not keep the weigh off. She cried to me one day about not living long enough to see her children grow up. I knew I needed to help her find a way to lose weight.

That’s when I decided to go to the “Synergy Medical Weight Loss” Center for information that I could give her. While there, the staff was extremely helpful and displayed concern for individuals wishing to lose weight. After discussing what they could do for my sister, I decided to try the program for myself to prove to my sister if it would truly work. You see, I was a 47-year-old male who could stand to lose 40-50 lbs. I signed up in July weighing 246 lbs. and after a few short weeks, I had already lost a lot of weight. I began to feel like a different person and my family doctor noticed that my overall health was improving fast.

By October, only three (3) months later, I had lost 38.6 lbs. weighing in at 207.4 lbs. After being off the program for four (4) months, I weighed in at 203.5 lbs. I was taught how to eat, as opposed to “not eating” to lose weight, and that I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I followed the guidelines of the program. Once you set your mind to it, it is simple and easy. Would I do it again? In a second! It was worth every penny and the look on my friends’ faces who have not seen me in a while, is priceless. What about my sister? Yes, she started the program and is doing very well. She has already lost more than I did and still going. The way I look at, “Synergy Medical Weight Loss” Center has changed my life and saved my sister’s.”

* These results are not guaranteed, and may vary on an individual basis. Not every patient has the same results.

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