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We treat the problem, not just the symptoms. It is our goal
to provide the best alternative medicine possible.

Whether you’re battling chronic illness, seeking pain relief,
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Our doctors work with patients to develop custom treatments, specializing in Chiropractic Biophysics (CBO®), which uses adjustments, traction, and exercise to align the spine and the Pettibon™ technique, which emphasizes spinal alignment and proper posture as the primary goals of chiropractic, and improvements in pain.

Current treatments for the painful and debilitating effects of arthritis or joint pain rely heavily on drugs to mask the problem, cortisone injections that lead to degenerative conditions and other health problems and in severe cases, to surgical joint replacements.

Hormone Therapy

At Integrated Wellness we are dedicated to help clients with Men’s and Women’s Hormone Therapy to correct hormonal imbalances within the body. We offer a in depth one on one consultation and lab testing to assure Hormone Therapy is a good fit for your health concerns.

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation and therapy are effective treatments to combat pain and injury. At Integrated Wellness, we can help address your medical concerns through the expertise of our doctors of chiropractic, massage therapists and medical doctors, gathered to increase the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

Medical Pain Management

To alleviate chronic pain, we offer medical pain management to help patients cope, while seeking to address the underlying cause of pain. As part of our integrated, holistic approach to healthcare, the doctors at Integrated Wellness use only drug-free treatment. Contact us today to set up your free consultation and learn how we can help.

Functional Medicine

Our Functional Medicine Program follows a “holistic” or “functional” approach of care where we focus on addressing the root cause of your health concern and imbalances within the body. In our approach of care we view the body as an integrated system and look “upstream” to find the underlying contributors and address it based on the individuals needs.


Check out what people have to say about us

Incredible Clinic! The staff is extremely friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. They offer so much more than just the normal back cracking and popping chiropractors. The doctors and staff truly do care about their patients. They even offer stem cell therapy- which greatly reduces the need for surgery by treating injured tissues before the damage progresses any further. Imagine alleviating your knee or elbow pain without having to get a replacement or extensive surgery. Best thing ever. I highly recommend Integrated Wellness!


I went there for iLipo and it did wonders for my body. There was some stubborn fat areas that I wanted to diminish, and this did the trick. The staff was very friendly and the woman I did my treatments with was very helpful. As a certified cold laser technician and weight loss coach, she told me that she didn’t want me to lose the weight, because when you lose something you’re likely to find it, she wanted me to let the weight go. I know that may sound a little cliche or odd, but this meant something to me and I hope it encourages others who have eating disorders, or have struggled with their weight or body image. Overall this place was wonderful and I highly recommend it.


I absolutely recommend Integrated Wellness. I have been a patient since 2016. Having had multiple issues with my back as well as some posture concerns, the folks at the South Jordan location—from the doctors, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, message therapists, as well as the office staff—were very concerned with making sure that I was taken care of. After going through their therapy program, which includes a more holistic approach to wellness, I have seen some noticeable improvements. Should the need arise, I know I will be in good hands


I have been seeing chiropractors for over twenty years. Upon moving to this area, I have been at Integrated Wellness for over two years. They are by far the best chiropractic group I have been to (and I thought the groups I went to in another State were great).

They are professional, knowledgeable and offer a variety of services! I would recommend them to family and friends.


About a year ago, I developed severe, debilitating lower back pain. I’m 63 and have never had any indications before. My regular doctor ordered an MRI and X-Rays. It was determined that I had severe deterioration and multiple disks damaged. After trying regular PT with no relief, I was directed to Integrated Wellness as a possible solution. Their advanced methods of correcting my spine problems using multiple methods of treatment, quickly got me vertical and virtually pain free. I cannot thank them enough.



Relieve Joint Pain Without Surgery or Medication

South Jordan Chiropractors & Physical Medicine

Welcome to Integrated Wellness, an integrated physical medicine office serving the Draper, Sandy, and South Jordan areas. Embracing a holistic approach to wellness, the chiropractors and practitioners at Integrated Wellness are committed to helping patients achieve optimal wellness and a higher quality of life. An integrated health-care group that includes Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Specialists, Medical Aestheticians, Weight Loss and Nutritional Experts.

Integrated Wellness offers care that treats each patient as a whole person, with many specialties in one place. Services offered include chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, drug-free pain relief, migraine treatment, trigger point injections, natural hormone replacement therapy, chronic pain management, medical weight loss, and more.

Our process begins with a thorough diagnostic assessment on each patient to determine the appropriate course of treatment to promote healing. Operating in a state of the art facility, we have established a reputation for success in helping our patients achieve optimal health.