Over the decades, incredible advancements have been made in how doctors can treat and help patients who are dealing with chronic pain. While some patients still benefit greatly form taking medications to control the pain they feel, there are newer medical advancements that have made treating chronic pain easier and reduce the reliance on chemical medications, which can have a surprising number of benefits for patients. Those who visit a Utah pain management clinic to deal with these issues will quickly find they have a larger number of options to help them live their lives free of the pain they’ve suffered from.

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand exactly what regenerative medicine is. In general, the body has regenerative properties, which is what causes the body to heal when it is injured or you become ill. However, this natural process doesn’t always work the way nature intended, leaving the body to suffer, such as with the presence of chronic pain. The good news is advancements in the field of medicine have introduced a number of treatment options that can give the body the boost it needs to restore its regenerative properties and help the body deal with chronic pain so the patient can live a more productive life once again. These regenerative medicine therapies introduce stem cells, platelet-rich plasma or other natural components into the body to stimulate the natural production of these elements so patients can enjoy the benefits.

How Do These Treatments Work?

As an alternative to the often used medications and surgery for chronic pain, regenerative medicine treatments offered at a Utah pain management clinic help supplement the body’s natural processes so you can get the relief you need without introducing unnatural chemicals into the body or undergoing potentially risky or painful surgery that may or may not produce the results you’re looking for. These treatments can be used for a wide variety of chronic pain types, including those caused by sports injuries or other similar injuries, lower back pain, osteoarthritis, other types of arthritis and more. Some treatments may also work to eliminate chronic pain related to headaches or migraines, nerve pain and muscle pain. The professionals at a qualified Utah pain management clinic can provide guidance regarding whether regenerative medicine is a viable option for your chronic pain, as well as which type will work best for your situation.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments

Platelet-rich plasma treatments begin with the extraction of your own blood. The Utah pain management clinic then processes your blood through a centrifuge to separate your blood into its separate components, so they can use the plasma for the treatment. This is the element in your blood responsible for the natural regeneration of cells to heal injuries. Giving your body an extra boost of its own natural platelets encourages this healing and can help eliminate your chronic pain without the need for surgery or medication.

Once the platelets are separated from the rest of your blood, it is prepared to inject back into your body. This injection is placed at the site of your chronic pain, such as into nerves, muscles, joints, tendons or ligaments. The injection is placed at the site of the pain because one of the biggest reasons chronic pain occurs is due to the lack of natural blood flow to the area. Introducing platelet-rich plasma to these areas directly triggers the same effect as improved blood flow. While the effects may take some time to occur, this can be an effective way to eliminate the cause of chronic pain without the need for surgery. This treatment is most effective for osteoarthritis, arthritis and certain injuries.

Stem Cell Therapy

Another common type of regenerative medicine is stem cell therapy. Similar to the platelet-rich plasma injections described above, stem cell therapy involves removing stem cells from the patient’s body. These stem cells are typically extracted directly from the bone or pockets of fat. The Utah pain management clinic then uses a specialized machine to concentrate the stem cells into a substance that can be injected back into the body. However, this type of treatment is typically used to treat different types of chronic pain from those best treated platelet-rich plasma. This treatment is often best suited for repairing ligaments, bone, cartilage and tendons.

Prolotherapy and Neural Prolotherapy

This non-surgical treatment is often recommended by a Utah pain management clinic for the treatment of chronic pain in the joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves. When these injuries restrict the blood flow to the area, the damages aren’t repaired naturally by the body. Substances, such as sugar alcohols, are injected into the damaged area to help tighten up joints that may have been loosened as the result of an injury. The solutions are designed to dehydrate the area and reduce swelling. This also sends signals to the brain requesting more blood be sent to the area to stimulate repairs. This treatment is effective at restoring the natural healing properties of the body without removing and re-injecting components from the body itself.

Each of these treatment options has its own uses. This is why it’s essential to make an appointment with your Utah pain management clinic to discuss your condition with a qualified professional. The team can evaluate your injury or other cause of your chronic pain and recommend the most effective non-surgical treatment option to provide the best results and eliminate your chronic pain without the need for surgery or medication.