Four out of every five physical medicine patients seek treatment for back pain, which can stem from a variety of causes. Sometimes caused by a pulled muscle or damaged disc, lower back pain can be the result of accident, injury, or even something as simple as lifting improperly or bending the wrong way. To determine the correct course of treatment, it’s important to find a medical professional capable of accurately determining the root cause of lower back pain.

Back pain has traditionally been treated through the rest, hot and cold packs, pain medication, muscle relaxants, and physical therapy. Sometimes these low back pain treatments fail, leaving the patient to struggle with chronic pain and doctors resort to surgery. Unfortunately the surgery often results in Failed Back Surgery Syndrome where patients can report a recurrence or even worsening of symptoms within a year or two of the procedure.

Integrated Wellness provides a thorough examination and diagnostic assessment in order to determine the cause of pain and customize a treatment plan for relief. Embracing an integrated approach to healthcare, Integrated Wellness uses therapies that include chiropractic care, low back pain exercises, massage therapy, physical therapy, and more, striving to help every patient conquer low back pain through natural, drug-free interventions, in order to achieve optimal wellness.