The neck is a unique part of the body, strong enough to support the weight of the head, but also delicate and susceptible to to pain. Irritation, inflammation, injury, infection, irritation of the cervical nerve roots, encroachment of the vertebral canal’s vascular supply, or invasion of the cord into the spinal canal can all be neck pain causes.

Arthritis can also contribute to neck pain, because it can cause disc thinning or disc degeneration, or even the deterioration of muscles and ligaments. In addition, the curvature of the neck can become atypical, becoming too straight or even reversing its curve, due to illness or injury. It is crucial for those who suffer from chronic neck pain to get an accurate diagnosis, in order to address the root issues behind the problem.

Many people wait until they are desperate for neck pain relief to seek neck pain treatment. Because of this neck pain causes can go undetected for a long time, and the patient may have no awareness of a problem until it has progressed to an acute degree. Regular examinations are important, so that root issues can be treated before they become problematic and require chronic pain management.

The doctors at Integrated Wellness embrace an integrated approach to healthcare, using chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, and other natural methods to alleviate a wide range of conditions. After conducting a thorough examination and diagnostic evaluation, doctors can determine the best course of action and develop personalized neck pain therapy to alleviate each patient’s distress.