In just a couple of months this patient’s 14-degree scoliosis was gone!

The SpineCor brace influences proprioceptive input, or “one’s own or individual” input, which is a major factor in neuromuscular reeducation. More major benefits include the relief from muscular strain caused by chronic postural changes and some relief from chronic pain. Currently, 89% of SpineCor cases have been effective through improvements in angle of the spine curve (Cobb) or stabilization. Better compliance and cosmetic results have also been seen in all clinical experience documented.

A flexible brace that is far more comfortable than a traditional rigid brace which gives patients the ability to lead active lives, often resulting in higher compliance and a more favorable outcome. This brace is the first dynamic brace that helps Idiopathic Scoliosis through progressive correction of 15 degree cobb angles or more.

Until recently, scoliosis specialists have been with limited treatment options, usually a very restrictive, rigid, cumbersome brace that uses pressure to force the spine back to normal position or through spinal surgery. With the advent of SpineCor bracing, scoliosis doctors gained a third option.

Scoliosis Corrections Using SpineCor Offers:

  • A treatment approach based on the latest understanding of the cause and progression factors of Idiopathic scoliosis.
  • A much more acceptable treatment to patients. It is cooler to wear, less restrictive, more easily concealed under clothing and requires only 4 hours of out of brace time per day.
  • No side effects. Rigid braces cause muscle atrophy and can be harmful to normal development in a growing child.
  • Excellent treatment results, particularly when treatment is started early.
  • Excellent stability of treatment results post bracing.
  • Neuromuscular integration for maintenance of improved posture.
  • Potential to reduce incidence of surgical intervention.