Spinal stenosis is a condition that can be caused by the wear and tear placed on your spine by the aging process. In stenosis of the spine, the spine’s open spaces grow narrower, and this puts pressure on the spinal cord. Symptoms of spinal stenosis include weakness and numbness in the back, shoulders, and neck, and can also include problems with bladder and bowel function.

Spinal stenosis doctors often decide on surgical intervention, but unfortunately surgery for spinal stenosis is not always successful and can lead to failed back surgery syndrome. At Integrated Wellness, our doctors employ natural healing treatment that can include spinal stenosis exercises, physical therapy, massage therapy, and spinal decompression which has proven effective in the treatment of spinal stenosis. Additionally, these holistic healing therapies can help alleviate other back conditions such as disc herniation, disc stenosis, and degenerative discs.

After a thorough examination and diagnostic, the doctors at Integrated Wellness will come up with a treatment plan to treat your unique condition, whether it’s spine stenosis or another medical concern. Embracing an integrated approach to healing, Integrated Wellness is able to help patients achieve optimal wellness and improve their quality of life.