It is estimated that in the United States there are approximately 100 million people who are currently suffering from cases of chronic pain. This is a condition that has been defined as any type of pain that lasts more than six months. While chronic pain is often nothing more than an annoyance, it can also be completely incapacitating.

To alleviate chronic pain, we offer medical pain management to help patients cope, while seeking to address the underlying cause of pain. As part of our integrated, holistic approach to healthcare, the doctors at Integrated Wellness use only drug-free treatments through a variety of non-invasive, effective pain management techniques from which to choose physical medicine treatments that can help manage the pain of conditions.

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If you suffer from chronic pain, then signals of pain will remain active in your nervous system for several weeks or months, and in some cases, even years. Having to constantly live with this pain can take a huge toll on your body and health, both physically and mentally. The most common issues that result in cases of chronic pain include pain caused by injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, sinus pain, tendonitis, backaches, joint pain, and headaches.

Cases of chronic pain may impact all parts of your body, resulting in you suffering from even more problems, such as anger, fatigue depression, anxiety and stress. If you don’t use the right treatment, then you may experience a never-ending cycle of these emotions. In most cases, your body’s production of painkillers is going to be completely ineffective against cases of chronic pain.


When you meet with our doctors, you will first be put through a thorough physical evaluation. We will discuss your health history and put the focus on learning about your symptoms of chronic pain, and the various conditions that may cause it. The pain treatments used will vary based on how long you have been dealing with the chronic pain, how extreme it is, where you were injured, and what has caused your pain.

Some treatment options for cases of chronic pain have evolved over the years, but modern treatments are ones that have been effective for many years. Usually, we will use one of the treatments found below or a combination of them, based on your specific needs:

Stretching and Massage
Spinal Adjustments

Every treatment we administer is carefully thought about and applied by our team. Our top priority will always be your health and our entire team works extremely hard to help ensure you receive the best treatments possible for chronic pain issues.

Our approach to medical pain management is four pronged:

Phase One
Alleviate pain so that the problem can be addressed.
Phase Two
Corrective care begins with therapeutic treatment and exercises.
Phase Three
Stabilization to strengthen and rebuild the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue.
Phase Four
Continue with our patients receiving wellness treatment to help maintain their optimal health.


If you need treatment for your chronic pain, then you should contact us today. Our team can provide you with the medical treatment necessary to help you overcome your pain, once and for all. There is no reason to live with chronic pain when we have the treatment options that can help you overcome these problems once and for all. If you are ready to get started, contact us today.