Put medical science to work for you and live the life you desire!

“I went from a size 16 down to a size 4, and lost 70 lbs all in four months! I feel like a million bucks!” – Amy

We want you to feel great in your body!  No matter what your weight loss experience has been in the past, you can achieve fast, lasting results when you commit to a medical weight loss program with us.  Start fresh, and get quick results with red light body contouring.  Achieve long-term weight loss with proper nutrition and exercise.  Restore your gut health as you lose inches with your own customized plan designed around the Blueprint Nutrition’s Weight Loss and Trust Your Gut programs.

What to Expect

We treat you right!  Prior to starting your program, you receive a one on one consultation with our skilled weight loss consultant.  Here you get to express your concerns, goals and desires.  Our team will hear you and then design a program that’s right and attainable for you.

“The coaching has made an enormous difference with this diet. I didn’t understand how much I didn’t know about dieting. The coaching has made all the difference. My coach is one of the most dedicated people on the planet. She has had a profound impact on my success and quality of life.” -Bill

Components of Medical Weight Loss

Red Light Body Contouring

We provide proven results!  At your contouring session, your consultant will take your measurements and compare them to measurements taken after your session.  You will see for yourself the immediate results.  Proven to be safe and effective, red light body contouring is the perfect way to jump-start any weight loss plan.  Most patients lose a combined 2 inches or more in one session.  Continued red light exposure helps to improve inch loss. 

Proper Nutrition and Exercise

We take your weight loss and your overall health seriously!  Your nutrition program is designed to not only help you lose inches, but heal your entire digestive tract.  A full Trust Your Gut program consists of 3 phases spaced out over 30-90 days, depending on your needs and goals.  

Phase 1- Extinguish and seal

Phase 2- Clear debris

Phase 3- Rebuild

Your consultant will help you make specific food choices and combine them with powerful nutritional supplements for maximum results.  Combining proper nutrition with enjoyable exercise will reset your habits for a long-term lighter lifestyle.


Personal Commitment With 1:1 Support

We care about your long-term success!  That’s why we walk with you every step of the way, cheering you on to success and helping you overcome any hiccups along the way.  We are excited to help you live the life you desire.

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