Our medical weight loss program has been developed by doctors and nutritionists through hours of research and clinical experience and follows the protocols for the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and the National Institute for Health.

Our doctors make use of the Synergy Medical Weight loss Program that combines food choice, portion control, behavior modification and physical activity with proven FDA approved medications to suppress your appetite, give you energy and burn fat.

Obesity is a medical condition, and our physicians treat it as one, improving your chances of losing weight, significantly. In addition, our web app helps hold you accountable for maintaining your goals.

Our medical weight loss program was designed for patients who have developed subconscious food cravings, and have been unsuccessful at achieving an ideal body weight using other systems. Once each week, you will meet privately with a nutritional counselor and review your progress together. There will be an opportunity to ask questions that you may have or to address any issues or concerns, and you’ll have a chance to speak with your physician at this time as well. We are committed to giving you high-quality service and support in order to propel you toward your final weight loss goal.


The first step to our program is determining if our program is right for you. Following a physical exam, we will discuss your goals and realistic expectations. If there is an aspect of the program that concerns you, then you are under no obligation to agree; the consultation is absolutely free.
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Our integrated approach to healthcare focuses on creating a customized treatment plan for each patient through diagnostic assessments. Because our medical staff is so expansive, with a wide variety of specialties represented, the staff is able to address a broad spectrum of medical issues.
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“The coaching has made an enormous difference with this diet. I didn’t understand how much I didn’t know about dieting. The coaching has made all the difference. My coach is one of the most dedicated people on the planet. She has had a profound impact on my success and quality of life.”

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Our doctors work with patients to develop custom treatments, specializing in Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP®), which uses adjustments, traction, and exercises to align the spine; and the Pettibon™ technique, which emphasizes spinal alignment and proper posture as the primary goals of chiropractic, and improvements in pain. 

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