Troy Zetner – Low Back Pain Gone

“My Low Back hasn’t felt this good in 8 years! I have wasted thousands of dollars on just adjustments until I found Integrated Wellness South Jordan. They offer therapies that 95% of most other chiropractors have never offered….”

Tegan – Chronic Migraines From Scoliosis

“I had chronic migraines and couldn’t get out of bed….Life changing…They’ve saved me…I have scoliosis and the pain is GONE!..”

Tera Re – Sports Injury: Tennis & Chiropractic

“If I have any pain…They take care of it.”

Pink – Severe Migraines

“It has changed my life not having these migraines any more…”

Joya – Celebrating Wellness

“This is definitely a cut above the rest…you get results in a very short period of time…”

Cody Hoffine – Low Back Pain

“I couldn’t even hold my kids because of the pressure on my low back…at 29 years old I can now be the Dad that I’m supposed to be and play with my kids, give them piggy back rides and put them on my shoulders…”



     Incredible Clinic! The staff is extremely friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. They offer so much more than just the normal back cracking and popping chiropractors. The doctors and staff truly do care about their patients. They even offer stem cell therapy- which greatly reduces the need for surgery by treating injured tissues before the damage progresses any further. Imagine alleviating your knee or elbow pain without having to get a replacement or extensive surgery. Best thing ever. I highly recommend Integrated Wellness!


     I absolutely love Integrated Wellness.  They helped relieve my lower back pain and completely relieved my pain from sciatica.  The staff is so friendly so I always look forward to going there.  I highly recommend them.


     I love the care and compassion everyone has there. They are great at figuring out what it takes to get your body on the right track to alignment and helping you with the follow-through including home care.


     The massage therapy here is very good. I go for neck pain, and the therapist does a great job working that area and loosening it up. I visited another chain massage center a little while ago, and it was too gimmicky with hot towels and such. This place skips all that and works on the areas that need attention.


     My knee and back felt a lot better after the first visit and kept getting better with each appointment.


     I have experienced intermittent neck and back pain for most of my life. I have been to several chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists over the year. While each one was good at what they did, I have always thought there should be a group that ties all of these together.

    A year and a half ago, I injured my shoulder while weight lifting. It really never got much better. I even began to lose strength in that shoulder. My trainer recommended Integrated Wellness to me. They have tied chiropractics, physical therapy, massage therapy, trigger point injections; as well as many other restorative options.

    I competed recently in a weight lifting competition. I didn’t anticipate doing very well. To my surprise, I performed far better than I had expected. I credit hard work, a great trainer and excellent care from Integrated Wellness. The staff is attentive, knowledgeable and makes you feel like a VIP. I highly recommend Integrated Wellness to anyone that is experiencing any type of muscular-skeletal discomfort.


     I absolutely recommend Integrated Wellness. I have been a patient since 2016. Having had multiple issues with my back as well as some posture concerns, the folks at the South Jordan location—from the doctors, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, massage therapists, as well as the office staff—were very concerned with making sure that I was taken care of. After going through their therapy program, which includes a more holistic approach to wellness, I have seen some noticeable improvements. Should the need arise, I know I will be in good hands


     Always kind and answers all my question keeps everything moving too meet my busy schedule. I am also starting to feel better!


     When I first went into Integrated Wellness I was in a lot of pain. After their treatment plan I do not have anymore pain and have regained more mobility than I have had in a long time. Highly recommend their services.


     I am impressed with Integrated Wellness due to their comprehensive approach.  They take x-rays and analyze them with measurements, etc. and compare them to norms.  They have various exercises that are done in their facility but also have home exercises with aids that are part of the treatment plan.


     This place is beyond amazing! The doctors are extremely friendly and take the time to listen to all of your concerns and questions. The therapy staff is incredible! Super nice and take time to get to know you as a person! I love Integrated Wellness!!


     This place is amazing! I have had back issues for years and have seen several different chiropractors and doctors.  But for the first time, I feel like I am making progress.  I highly recommend these guys and so do several friends of mine!


     Great staff and program.


     Integrated Wellness has a very Professional yet Personable Staff. They know All their Clients on a ‘First Name’ Basis. They check in on you while you are on machines making sure they are Available if any adjustments of the weights, proper placement of pads, etc. is Needed. You get One-on-One Help from the Rehab Techs at all times. They Educate you on what Each Machine is used for and why your Settings may be Different from Others. In the 12 weeks I’ve been coming 3 times/week and I (my Spine, Neck & Skull) have Progressed 30% in that time period, which is Great! I still have more Treatments Needed to Fully get back to Proper Placement of Back, Neck & Head. My Pain Level has Decreased due to Coming to Integrated Wellness. I already Feel So Much Better.
    I’d Highly Recommend Anyone Who Needs Spinal Help & Correction to go to “Integrated Wellness” in South Jordan, UT. They (The Team) Truly Care for Your Well Being, which seems Hard to Find Nowadays.


     My experience with this place has been nothing short of amazing. I have seen the improvement since I started going to them at the end of 02/2017.
    The staff is amazing, they really show they care and try to get to really know you! I’m forever grateful I came to them!


     Integrated Wellness has the best staff anywhere. Dr. Lorenc, Dr. Gunnell, Dylan and Alyssa are all amazing and very helpful. Everyone is concerned about your health and walk you through each process and explain why each thing you do is to better your well-being. 5 weeks ago I was ready to go under the knife as I just wanted to be out of pain. After coming here I truly feel as though I am gaining my life back. Thanks to all of the incredible staff for your encouragement and friendly smiles. I would recommend Integrated Wellness to anyone with neck, back, shoulder, hip or leg pain. Come give them a try and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

     Great staff that is always helpful and happy to see you!  I feel that they do care about your overall well being and work hard to help you feel better.


     Everyone is proactive in helping you from the time you get their until the time you leave. I love that when patient needs help with something that one of the employees isn’t necessarily responsible for if needed they jump to the task. Great place!


     As the name states, Integrated Wellness is a comprehensive therapy clinic which includes a number of professionals in complementary fields. The staff are awesome! The treatment you’ll receive is outstanding. There is one catch however. If you want to feel better, you have to put in your own personal effort to compliment your outstanding treatment. This also includes a number of home exercises. But don’t worry. The exercises are simple and can be completed quickly.

    If you have a structural/muscular issue(s); back, neck, knees, hips, etc., Integrated Wellness will get you feeling better.


     Great group of professionals! They have done a wonderful job of working with me and my situation. I had never had any experience with a Chiropractor previously. They have done a great job getting me back to doing some of the things I love! They always explain what they are doing and the plan for helping you get better. Totally changed my previous views of what chiropractor work is and does. I would recommend them to anyone!


     I had been experiencing various aches and pains in my shoulders, lower back, and knees for the past few years. I thought it was just symptoms of getting older. I worried that in a few years I would be chair bound. After an exam at Integrated Wellness – I discovered my neck and spine were out of alignment. I love that the program is not a “quick fix” – but the adjustments, exercises and traction will help me correct my spine and build the muscles around my knees so that I can be more mobile. I am 10 weeks into the program and feeling so much better. I am standing straighter and am so much stronger. I now enjoy taking walks again. The staff is so knowledgeable, helpful, and encourage me every step of the way. I cannot say enough great things about Integrated Wellness. Knowledge IS power and I am learning all I need to get fit and stay fit for the years to come.

     What I love about Integrated Wellness’ approach to chiropractic work is that it’s not just crack your back and send you on your way. They integrate in-house and at-home therapies to encourage your body support the adjustments they do. To me, this shows their care for their clients health more than other places as their goal is to have everyone have healthy alignment of he spine. The chiropractors are very knowledgeable and teach why they do each of the adjustments they do. The support staff (chiropractic technicians) are friendly, know your name, and really help create a welcoming atmosphere. Why would I go anywhere else?

    Came in with complaints of headaches caused by poor posture/crooked spine as well as bad knees. Everything has greatly improved. Headaches are happening way less and I’m not even done with all of the therapies. Knees have been feeling fantastic.


     Simply stated, Integrated Wellness has changed my life. The team of doctors, chiropractors, nurses and staff have not only gotten me out of pain but have improved the quality of my life in ways I would have never imagined. After battling severe pain and insomnia for over ten years, I can say with confidence, that the program designed specifically for me has combated my pain and restored my sleep. I am 29 years old and before I started treatment I was already taking three prescriptions daily. Today is my 32nd visit and I can proudly say that I am prescription free and sleeping through the night. Thank you Integrated Wellness!


     I have been coming to integrated wellness for about 5 months. In the beginning I was in so much pain I would cry every time they put my on the machines or when i would get an adjustment, now I feel 100 times better . The staff there are great and very attentive. I love going there the atmosphere is great.


     I was excited to have an evaluation done. I’ve never been in an accident but I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk and have suffered various minor and common injuries. The information I got back from the staff was explained in great detail and I really like that it could be quantified and understood holistically. They located the source of my pain rather than merely addressing symptoms.

    I was hesitant about committing to the treatment plan because of time and money investment. I have been to 12 sessions and it’s the best part of my day! It’s well worth the investment and I’m super excited to be making progress to align and heal my body. The staff is friendly and very personable. They are knowledgeable and capable of articulating the how’s and why’s. They also keep a careful watch over their clients, their progress and their well being. I’m so happy with my decision to pull the trigger and improve my quality of life!


     I have been seeing chiropractors for over twenty years. Upon moving to this area, I have been at Integrated Wellness for over two years. They are by far the best chiropractic group I have been to (and I thought the groups I went to in another State were great).

    They are professional, knowledgeable and offer a variety of services! I would recommend them to family and friends.


     My underlying constant headache is finally gone! The staff is amazing and they really care about people and the therapy provide.

    I was suffering from a constant headache which vacillated between annoying to debilitating. Once or twice a month it would become so unbearable I would be down in bed for a day or two. In my search for someone to help me find and fix the cause of the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms or throwing medication at me, I found Integrated Wellness. I was skeptical at first, but had to do something so I gave them a try. Within the first few weeks my constant headache diminished and then went away completely.

    I even had to take a 5 week break during my treatments due to an unscheduled surgery. When I started my appointments again the staff was amazingly concerned about my welfare and made sure I was not hurting myself or trying to do too much.

    It is amazing how you don’t realize how much pain you are really in until it is gone. I would recommend Integrated Wellness to anyone suffering from Back pain, neck pain, joint pain, or even headaches


      About a year ago, I developed severe, debilitating lower back pain. I’m 63 and have never had any indications before. My regular doctor ordered an MRI and X-Rays. It was determined that I had severe deterioration and multiple disks damaged. After trying regular PT with no relief, I was directed to Integrated Wellness as a possible solution. Their advanced methods of correcting my spine problems using multiple methods of treatment, quickly got me vertical and virtually pain-free. I cannot thank them enough.