I tried for 3 years to lose weight on my own with no success. Jennifer was great at helping me follow the Synergy diet and I lost 30 pounds. Even more important than that was that I dropped 59 points off my total cholesterol in just 4 months. It works!!


     I went to Integrated Wellness to try the I-lipo treatments. I have always been an active and leaner person, but I had a baby almost a year ago and it seemed like no matter how much I worked out and how I ate I could not lose those pounds of baby fat. It was very difficult for me not having my clothes fit.

    I have done three treatments so far, two on my belly and one on my arms. I have lost over 3 inches on my belly. I can see a difference, my clothes fit better. People are noticing! I just did my arms yesterday and I think I’m starting to see it.

    The I-lipo treatments are not for the lazy. You still have to work out and eat right. But for people like me who were doing this anyway, the treatments help out in a dramatic way and I am very happy with it. The people are all very nice and it was a good environment to be in!


     I went there for iLipo and it did wonders for my body. There was some stubborn fat areas that I wanted to diminish, and this did the trick. The staff was very friendly and the woman I did my treatments with was very helpful. As a certified cold laser technician and weight loss coach, she told me that she didn’t want me to lose the weight, because when you lose something you’re likely to find it, she wanted me to let the weight go. I know that may sound a little cliche or odd, but this meant something to me and I hope it encourages others who have eating disorders, or have struggled with their weight or body image. Overall this place was wonderful and I highly recommend it.


     Integrated Wellness has been a huge help in my weight loss struggle. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The program really works!


     They’ve been treating me for my back, neck & Carpal Tunnel problems since Dec 12th. Already seeing improvement! Also on their Ideal Protein weight loss program. I’m down 24 pounds in 58 days! Wahoo! I HIGHLY recommend this weight loss program and this clinic. Come see for yourself! Enjoy getting results!


     Loving my experience so far! I’ve lost 62 pounds in 3 months. This was something I never imagined myself doing and I’m glad I made the decision to go with them.

     I love Ideal Protein. It is the first diet that I have lost real weight. I like having a personal coach and guidance for weight loss.


     Absolutely amazing. Staff is knowledgeable, helpful and truly care. If you are in pain, out of alignment, whatever you need come here first. You won’t waste your money! I am pain free, vertigo gone, ringing in ears gone and for the first time in 15 years I can lose weight!


     I have had a good experience with the ideal protein diet. I have lost 22 pounds and feel great. The health coach is great and really encouraging. Also my back feels better from visiting the chiropractors.

Bill – Lost 87 Pounds in 6 Months!

How did you hear about this program?
I was at the boat show and Integrated Wellness had a booth setup. They spotted me and told me they could help with my weight and back spasms.

Why did you choose to start this program?
They claimed to have fast results and that it worked well for men and women. I felt that I’d be able to do it and it’d go well.

How much weight and inches have you lost on this program?
I have lost 87 pounds in about 6 months.

What other diets or weight loss programs have you done and why does this program stand out to you?
I have done the Dr. Eades Diet twice. With this program, the weight seemed to come off easier. I was able to follow the plan without hunger and fatigue. I had more energy and felt better on this program than with regular eating.

What health benefits have you noticed since starting this program?
I feel much better. I have less aches and pains and feel more rested after sleep. My endurance has gone crazy and goes all day. I haven’t had this much energy since I was a kid. I feel strong, healthy, and happy!

How has our coaching helped you?
The coaching has made an enormous difference with this diet. I didn’t understand how much I didn’t know about dieting. The coaching has made all the difference. My coach is one of the most dedicated people on the planet. She has had a profound impact on my success and quality of life.

Would you recommend Integrated Wellness to others?
Yes! The weight loss program has been a very good and pleasant experience. They have helped give me the skills and treasures of wisdom to excel in life.

Amy – Lost 70 Pounds in 4 Months!

“I went from a size 16 down to a size 4 and I feel like a million bucks!”